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Where Can Life Insurance Agents Find the Best Aged Leads?

Finding the best leads is crucial for life insurance agents that want to grow their business and get more clients. One effective approach is to use aged leads. They are often cheaper and easier to find than new leads. However, it is important to understand the good and bad of using aged leads. This will help you make an informed decision about them versus exclusive new leads. In this article, we will explore where life insurance agents can find the best aged leads. We will also look at the pros and cons of each option.

What Are Aged Leads?

Aged leads are also called aged life insurance leads. They were generated through marketing but not sold right away. These leads have been in the system for some time, typically ranging from a few weeks to several months. They are considered “aged” because they are not as fresh as new leads. New leads are generated in real-time and sold exclusively.

Where to Find the Best Aged Leads?

1. Lead Vendors

Lead vendors specialize in providing leads to various industries, including life insurance. These vendors often offer aged leads at a discounted price compared to new leads. One reputable lead vendor to consider:

2. Online Marketplaces

eBay and Craigslist are online marketplaces. They can be surprising sources for old leads. These platforms often have listings from individuals or smaller companies. They are looking to sell their old leads at a low price. While these leads may not always be as reliable, they can be a good option for agents with a limited budget.

3. Networking Groups and Forums

Join industry-specific networking groups and forums. They can also be an effective way to find aged life insurance leads. These groups often have members who want to sell their extra leads. You can often find great deals. Some popular networking platforms include LinkedIn groups and insurance agent forums.

4. Direct Purchase from Other Agents

Sometimes, fellow life insurance agents may have extra leads. They are willing to sell them at a good price. Building a network of industry colleagues can open up opportunities. You can buy aged leads directly from other agents, ensuring a mutual benefit.

Pros and Cons of Using Aged Leads vs. Exclusive New Leads

Pros of Using Aged Leads

  1. Cost-Effective: Old leads cost less than new ones. This makes them a good option for agents with small budgets.

  2. Availability: Old life insurance leads are usually easy to get. They let agents quickly refill their pipeline without waiting for new leads.

  3. Volume: Aged leads are cheap. So, agents can buy more of them. This increases the chance of finding interested prospects.

  4. Opportunity for Re-Engagement: Some old leads may have been unresponsive at first. But, they could be open to re-engagement if approached with a fresh strategy.

Cons of Using Aged Leads

  1. Lower Conversion Rates: Old leads may convert less than new leads. Their interest may have faded.

  2. Increased Competition: Aged leads are sold to multiple agents. So, the competition to convert them can be high.

  3. Potential for Outdated Information: The contact information for old leads may be out of date or wrong. Fixing it will take extra effort to check and update.

Pros of Using Exclusive New Leads

  1. Higher Conversion Rates: The leads are new and only for us. They are often more interested in buying right away. This makes our conversion rates higher.

  2. Less Competition: Since these leads are sold exclusively to one agent, there is less competition, increasing the chances of closing the sale.

  3. Accurate and Current Information: New leads usually have current contact information. This cuts the time and effort needed to verify details.

Cons of Using Exclusive New Leads

  1. Cost: Exclusive new leads are usually more expensive, making them less affordable for agents with tight budgets.

  2. Limited Volume: New leads are exclusive but limited. They can slow lead generation.


For life insurance agents, finding the best aged leads can be a cost-effective way to maintain a steady stream of potential clients. Agents can get affordable and abundant leads by sourcing aged life insurance leads from reputable vendors. They find them at online marketplaces, networking groups, and from fellow agents. Aged leads have challenges. They have lower conversion rates and old information. But, they are affordable and available, so many agents use them.

However, exclusive new leads offer higher conversion rates and more accurate information. But, they come at a higher cost and limited volume. Life insurance agents can make an informed decision by understanding the pros and cons of each option. They can choose the type of leads that best suits their needs and budget. In addition to organic lead generation, using aged and exclusive leads can balance a successful client base.

Using both old and new leads in their marketing helps life insurance agents have a well-rounded and effective lead generation process. This ultimately drives growth and success in their business.

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