Last Updated: September 14, 2022

Refund Policy

We will cancel and refund your order in full within 2-hours of receiving your order. After the 2-hour grace period has ended and/or your order has been fulfilled we are unable to process refunds – no exceptions.

Partial refunds are available, if we are not able to deliver your order in full within 7 business days via CSV file, Google Sheets, or instant email notification or if we otherwise determine that the requested order exceeds the price point agreed upon.

You are not authorized to use any services that are not paid for in full.

Replacement Lead Policy 

For Exclusive Life Leads, IUL Leads, Standard Life Leads, and Aged Leads, you may reject a lead and submit it for a replacement within 48-hours of the lead being delivered if: (i) phone number is disconnected or not in service; (ii) lead is outside of the requested state(s); (iii) lead does not speak English; (iiii) lead is over the age of 85.

Once we receive your request, we may use a combination of automated and manual checks to verify the return reason. This may include contacting the lead to verify the reason you provide. If we accept your replacement request, we will deliver the requested amount of leads upon approval within 5 business days. 

You will not be able to replace any leads if your return rate (“Return Rate”) exceeds thirty percent (30%) over a rolling 14-day period. The Return Rate is calculated based upon the amount of leads returned by you divided by the amount of leads you have purchased. If you have met this thirty percent (30%) threshold, you will be notified when you attempt to make a return. During this attempt, you will not be able to return any more leads until you purchase more leads to lower the Return Rate below the thirty percent (30%) threshold. 

We do not offer refunds or replacements for any other reason.

Authorized Use and Purpose of Leads

Leads are rendered on a 100% exclusive basis for a particular purpose for which the consumer submitted the online form, (“the specific vertical”) for instance, life insurance. You are allowed to use the leads provided by us, exclusively for your internal marketing purposes in the specific vertical to the consumers. You may not use the lead for purposes other than those that the consumer has expressly inquired about, or of third parties. Agents and/or sales reps can not redistribute or sell our leads.

Leads are confidential information of Agent Advantage. You agree to not share with others, distribute, license, sell, resell or otherwise disclose any of the leads or the information included in them, to any third party for any purpose, unless only to an entity employed by you as a contractor for the main purpose of assisting you under the terms here as well as in accordance with the authorized use of the leads by you. When leads are generated, we don’t guarantee any certain result. A lead is a prospect, so don’t regard it as a guaranteed sale.