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The Best Leads for Insurance Brokers

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction

  2. Key-Highlights

  3. Understanding Insurance Broker Leads

  4. Types of Insurance Broker Leads

    • General Life Insurance Leads

    • Final Expense Leads

    • Term Life Insurance Leads

    • Whole Life Insurance Leads

    • Mortgage Protection Leads

    • Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Leads

    • Annuity Leads

  5. Shared vs. Exclusive Insurance Broker Leads

  6. How to Choose the Best Insurance Broker Leads

  7. Conclusion


  • General life insurance leads offer a broad market but require more filtering.

  • Final expense leads target older clients with specific needs.

  • Term life insurance leads are ideal for agents focusing on cost-effective policies.

  • Whole life insurance leads provide opportunities for long-term relationships.

  • Mortgage protection leads are great for cross-selling.

  • Indexed Universal Life (IUL) leads cater to clients seeking flexible investment options.

  • Annuity leads are perfect for clients interested in retirement planning.

  • Exclusive leads are preferred for higher conversion rates compared to shared leads.


For insurance brokers, finding the right leads is crucial to building a successful business. With a variety of lead types available, it’s essential to understand which ones align best with your sales strategy and target market. This article explores the best lead types for insurance brokers. It will help you make informed decisions that will improve your business growth.

Understanding Insurance Broker Leads

Insurance broker leads are potential clients interested in purchasing insurance products. These leads can come from various sources and vary in quality and specificity. Brokers must understand the types of leads and their benefits. This knowledge is vital for brokers who want to maximize their sales.

Types of Insurance Broker Leads

General Life Insurance Leads

Life insurance leads cover many potential clients. They are interested in different types of life insurance. These leads are beneficial for brokers who offer various insurance products and want to cast a broad net. However, they require careful qualification to identify the most promising prospects.

Final Expense Leads

Final expense leads focus on clients seeking insurance to cover end-of-life expenses. These leads are typically older adults who want to ensure their funeral costs and other final expenses are covered. Final expense leads are highly specific and can be very lucrative, given the niche market and the urgency of the need.

Term Life Insurance Leads

Term life insurance leads are clients interested in purchasing term life policies. These leads are usually cost-conscious and looking for temporary coverage. Brokers can benefit from these leads. They can do this by offering low rates and clear explanations of the policy’s benefits and limits.

Whole Life Insurance Leads

Whole life insurance leads are clients. They want permanent life insurance with cash value. These leads are valuable for brokers who want to establish long-term relationships with clients. Whole life policies offer opportunities for upselling and cross-selling additional financial products.

Mortgage Protection Leads

These leads are homeowners. They are looking to secure insurance that will pay off their mortgage if they die. These leads are great for brokers. They specialize in cross-selling mortgage products and insurance. The urgency and necessity of mortgage protection make these leads highly actionable.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) Leads

IUL leads target clients. They want flexible insurance that offers death benefits and investment opportunities. These leads are for brokers. They can explain the complexities of IUL policies and the potential for cash value growth tied to market indices. IUL leads often attract clients looking for long-term financial planning solutions.

Annuity Leads

Annuity leads are potential clients interested in retirement planning products. These leads are for brokers. They specialize in helping clients secure a steady income for retirement. Annuity leads can be particularly lucrative as they often involve substantial investment amounts.

Shared vs. Exclusive Insurance Broker Leads

When purchasing insurance broker leads, brokers can choose between shared and exclusive leads. Shared leads are sold to multiple brokers, increasing competition. In contrast, exclusive leads are sold to only one broker, ensuring a higher chance of conversion. While exclusive leads are more expensive, they often result in better ROI due to reduced competition and higher quality.

How to Choose the Best Insurance Broker Leads

Selecting the best insurance broker leads depends on your target market, sales strategy, and budget. Consider the following factors:


For insurance brokers, choosing the right type of leads is fundamental to success. Brokers can tailor their approach by understanding the lead types and their benefits. This lets them meet their target market’s needs well. You can opt for general life insurance leads or final expense leads. You can also choose more specialized options like IUL and annuity leads. The key is to align your lead strategy with your sales goals. Remember, exclusive leads cost more. But, they often convert better. So, they are a good investment for serious brokers.

By using the right insurance broker leads, you can grow your client base and sales. This will help grow your insurance business.

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